responsible building management

We believe that responsible operating practices go hand in hand with generating value for our shareholders, providing efficiency and comfort for our tenants, and being good neighbors within our urban communities.

Across our national portfolio, we engage in sustainable practices that drive value, efficiency, and quality of environment for our stakeholders. We require our property management teams to practice responsible property management as well as energy and water conservation and encourage our tenants to do the same.

The effectiveness of our sustainable and responsible operations is evidenced by the recognition our properties have received from some of the most respected third-party organizations that benchmark property efficiency and sustainability.



We track the performance of our entire portfolio through the EPA’s ENERGY STAR® benchmark program.1  We are proud that over 82% of our portfolio by square feet is ENERGY STAR-certified for superior energy efficiency, responsible water usage, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions, and that our portfolio boasts an average ENERGY STAR score of 87, well above the average for all office buildings nationally.2

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In our portfolio, nine of our properties – representing over 4.6 million square feet of office space – have been certified as meeting one of the exacting standards of the U.S.G.B.C.’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) green building program.

Beyond just achieving LEED certification, we have maintained certification for our properties that first earned the designation more the five years ago and continue to evaluate the portfolio to identify and pursue additional opportunities to enhance the value and appeal of our properties through LEED certification.

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1Excludes one building triple-net-leased to a single tenant that has not elected to participate and 149 Madison Avenue, which is under redevelopment.
2ENERGY STAR, "DataTrends: Energy Use in Offices," January 2015. This average is based on the most recently reported data for all properties and does not include 149 Madison Avenue or 222 E. 41st due to redevelopment, or two of our triple-net-leased properties that do not provide reporting data.